About Us

Daily Crisis Farm .
~The Vaughan Family Farm started out just 30 yrs ago consisting of one John Deere Mt, 14acres and 7 milk cows. Today it has become quite a neighborhood hot spot with a Registered Trademark for a name.
~We are located in heart of northern Harford County just outside of Blackhorse.
~On the farm we sell cheese, eggs, and when available sausage from our home grown hogs. We offer a variety of hand made jams and jellies and even have honey from our local bees. And through out the season offer a wide range of other home grown/produced items such as cut flowers, herbs and more.
~Feel free to stop in anytime to our store located on the farm. If no one is around we have an open door honesty policy and just leave the money in the cheese shack.
Thank you for being our fan!!